JDA to kick-start plan to ramp up revenue

Jaipur development commissioner (JDC) Vaibhav Galeria’s efforts to improve the financial health of the Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) has started to bear fruit.
On his instructions, deputy commissioners have identified several plots in their respective zones that can be auctioned. The JDA is expecting to mop up Rs 200 crore by selling these plots.
For quite some time, the JDA has been facing a financial crunch and revenue generation had become a thing of the past. The JDC has been working hard to clear the financial crisis. Finally, after a long gap, the JDA successfully auctioned a plot that fetched Rs 55 crore.    
More plots have now been identified. In zone 7, 60 plots were found. The JDA had called for objections but no one came in 10 days, which cleared the path to sell these plots. These plots in the upscale Chitrakoot can bring revenue of more than Rs 100 crore.
More plots have been identified in others zones, including zone 3. However, in view of the dispute on some properties, the JDA officials are moving cautiously.
According to the JDC, he is trying to identify vacant plots owned by the JDA in different parts of the city so that they can be auctioned to augment income of the agency.
Vacant plots in chitrakoot

1- Sector 1- JDA has identified 11 plots of which five are corner and maximum area is 270 square meter. 
2-Sector 2- Three plots
3-Sector 3 - Eight plots can be auctioned
4-Sector 4,5 and 6  - Eight plots available
5-Sector 8  - there are 14 plots to be sold.
6 Sector 9 - JDA has earmarked 18 plots

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