Smart budget paves way for safer & smarter cities

The budget lays out a plan for integrated urban development. The state government has nearly doubled the budget allocation for development and strengthening of basic infrastructures of all municipal areas and while several others announcements have been made to promote green technologies and inclusion of smart city components.
As per the budget allocation, Rs 2000 crore has been made for basic infrastructure across all big and small municipal areas, Rs 5 crore have been proposed for development of drainage and beautification of Johri Sagar at Churu. Another Rs 25 crore has been announced for the development of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Memorial and Museum at Ajmer.
Separate provisions have  also been made for green and smart technologies projects at various cities. Among these, Rs 72 crore have been sanctioned for a fleet of 40 electrical buses to be operated at Jaipur by JCTCL. 
These will help to provide pollution free public transportation, especially for the walled city area. Along with Rs 50 crore have been provisioned for development of 30-kilometer long smart corridor at the Dravyawati riverfront project. 
Chief minister at the budget has also announced of limited time relaxation in interest and penalty over-deposit of pending lease amount, urban taxes and due installments.
The chief minister in the beginning of her budget speech mentioned of an underground tunnel to link Ramnivas Bagh to Delhi Road at Jaipur, while Rs 55 crore has been alloted for a tunnel link between Ajmer and Pushkar. 
The tunnel link is expected to reduce the number of accidents and traffic congestion issues between the two cities.
Adding on to the safety component, the chief minister said that the previous announcement of developing 91 fire station will be completed over the next three months and 49 big fire tender vehicles will also be soon deployed at service.
The chief minister said that her government is committed to Swachh Rajasthan and said that 6 districts have been declared ODF while the work of toilet construction has been completed in 18 other districts. 
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