Baba Ramdev's Patanjali accused of distributing expired products in flood-hit Assam

Baba Ramdev's Patanjali has landed in a fresh controversy. According to Hindustan Times , Patanjali has been accused of distributing expired products like juice, milk powders etc to Assam flood victims. 
Some of the products handed over had expiry dates of October last year, according to local media reports. 
Patanjali spokesperson SK Tijariwala has been quoted as saying, " “We don’t send out date expired products from our warehouses. Patanjali has helped the flood-affected in Assam purely on humanitarian grounds". On the same vein, they have given an oblique statement that the company can't 'control the logistics of transport and distribution and are not responsible if someone other than our representatives indulge in some wrong doing'. So while Patanjali is denying giving expired products, it says it shouldn't be held responsible if something like that has happened. 
In flood affected Majuli, the concerned state government official said that they have launched an enquiry to find out more details. Patanjali is currently setting up a mega food park in Assam. According to reports, several people fell ill after Patanjali distributed aides to flood victims on August 30. 
Recently, Patanjali hit the headlines after Delhi HC banned its soap advertisement. 
The  Delhi High Court has ordered Baba Ramdev owned Patanjali Ayurved  to stop telecasting its soap advertisements on TV. The Court's order came after Reckitt Benckiser filed a case against Ramdev's firm Patanjali over downgrading its soap brand-Dettol in its commercials. 
This has been the second time the Court raised eyebrows over Patanjali's soap ad. Bombay High Court had issued a similar ad interim injunction asking Patanjali to refrain from airing the ad till the next date of hearing on September 18. 
The Bombay High Court ordered came after petitions had been filed by FMCG major, Hindustan Unilever Limited against the Yoga guru firm. 
The whole controversy started over Patanjali advertisement mocking RB's Dettol soap and HUL's Pears and Lifebuoy. Reactiong to the verdict, Reckitt Benckiser's lawyer Nancy Roy told the Economic Times, "Our prayer was seeking injunction against this ad and damages in excess of Rs 1 crore." Patanjali in its new soap ad termed Dettol as 'Dhitol', Pears as 'Tears', and Lifebuoy as 'Lifejoy'. 
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